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We do things differently. Unlike your traditional bank, our account opening process is clear and simple.

Disruptive industries we serve

For over a decade, leading tech companies have trusted Unlimit. We know how to work with innovators like you. And we love it.
Software and web
Online gaming
Mobile apps
Venture investments
Life sciences
Online platforms
Advertisers and publishers

Revolutionary Multi-currency IBAN accounts for your unlimited growth

Working with thousands of innovative companies we know that you need to pay numerous partners in multiple currencies. A bank transfer might not be the preferred option.

Now, your service providers, affiliates, and customers don't go for traditional wire transfers only, they require alternative payment methods.

In response to this need, we’ve created a game-changing solution that blurs the line between traditional banking, digital wallets, and cards payments.

Don't limit yourself with traditional bank transfers or manage numerous accounts at different payment providers. With Unlimit’s business interface, you get them all in one place.

Shift boundaries:

All the payment methods you need via a single multi-currency account

Come join the next wave of payment innovations. Оpen your multi-currency account with Unlimit and get an access to:
International Transfers
send and receive
SWIFT / SEPA transfers
Card transfers
send and receive funds with only a card number
Local payment methods
send funds to your business partners to their local e-wallets or through alternative payment methods
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Pocket your Unlimit card to cover corporate expenses

Your Unlimit card will become indispensable. Manage your corporate expenses with a fully visible transaction history and adjustable spending limits. Your team gets a modern card perfect for secure, contactless payments

We give your business the card of tomorrow. Right now

Digital business functions are as diverse as your people: top up your Google and Facebook ad accounts, pay Amazon for your servers, subscribe to the SaaSs you need, buy the team’s Friday coffees, or withdraw cash from an ATM.

There is no more online and offline – pay what you need when you need it: quick, safe, and contactless.

Perfect convenience
Real-time tracking and control of your team’s expenses
Receive payments from partners with just a card number
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