Introducing Unlimint – and our mission to help you be ready for tomorrow

November 6, 2020 3 min read
Our ambition has always been huge, and today we unveil our new name – Unlimint – and our new brand, to take things to the next level.
Kirill Evstratov
Kirill Evstratov

Since launching a decade ago, we’ve helped thousands of businesses boost revenue and improve conversion. 

We’ve done this by acting as a simple, single gateway to local payment ecosystems – making it far easier for businesses to go global. 

I am proud that our success has seen us open 14 offices worldwide and employ more than 300 people from 16 nationalities.

But in reality, that was just the beginning. 

Our ambition has always been huge, and today we unveil our new name – Unlimint – and our new brand, to take things to the next level.

Our vision is to make the financial world of tomorrow closer to businesses here and now.

Unlimint as a product offers a constantly evolving business interface for your business to accept and make payments globally.

Unlimint as a brand offers confidence and readiness for tomorrow.

Yes, our logo looks different from today (and we’re very proud of it!). But let me be clear: this is a symbol of change, not just a change of symbol for us.

We are driven by a deep-seated determination to be the best possible partner for our customers – giving you the support you need to capitalise on a world that’s changing at breakneck speed.

If you were selling stuff 20 years ago, chances are your customers lived within a fifty-mile radius of your store. Today it’s possible to sell to people digitally all across the globe.

20 years ago, chances are your store window featured four credit card acceptance stickers. Today there are upwards of thousands of alternative payment methods worldwide and the number is increasing every year.

20 years ago, you may just have made your first ever local internet banking transaction. Today it’s possible to open a multi-currency account in just 24 hours, so you can make and receive cross-border payments directly to your banking account.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the business of selling horseshoes or animating horse models for VR games. The landscape of business and our consumption habits are changing so fast that no business is totally safe.

Unlimint is for those businesses and digital entrepreneurs that are seizing the opportunities of this new world. It’s for the disrupters plotting the innovations of tomorrow from their garages. And if you’re one of those left feeling giddy with the pace of change, we are here for you too.

From London to Singapore and from San Francisco to Sao Paulo, we help businesses enter new markets by making it simple for them to transact in the way people want. With our revolutionary banking solution, designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, we are blurring the line between traditional banking, digital wallets, and cards payment.

That’s the reason why we are called Unlimint: we provide unlimited growth opportunities for our customers, freeing them of the payment constraints. 

That means offering world class products, but it also means supporting the community with insights and information to spot and act on the opportunities of tomorrow. 

We want to be a guide by your side: being a sage on stage is just not our style. 

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be helping you to act on the transformations happening all around us: from kids getting paid pocket money in virtual currencies to the world’s 1.7bn unbanked people finally finding practical ways to enter the digital economy. 

If you want to understand how biometrics can protect your payments, or how a resurgence of QR codes could open up new revenue streams, we’re on it. 

We’re investing millions of dollars in R&D, new locations and new inspiration for our customers. In 2020 we’ve already added more than 100 new people and expect another 40+ new hires by year end.

All with a single purpose: making sure you are ready for tomorrow.


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