WFP Attendance Tracker App/Portal(Hajiri)-OnGoing

Project Overview

World Food Program Nepal runs a large number of programs to fight hunger.A� One of the flagship program that WFP Nepal has is Food for Work Program where WFP provides beneficiary with different types of trainings and in return provide them with food.

An integral part of the program is record the attendance of the beneficiary and reward them accordingly. Traditionally, the attendance is done on a sheet of paper and it the end of the month, tally the attendance and then calculate the amount to be given.A�A�

To make the process efficient and transparent, an Attendance Tracker App/Portal (Hajiri) is being developed.


  • Registration of beneficiaries
  • Associate beneficiaries to the projects
  • Verify the identity of beneficiaries
  • Record the attendance of the beneficiary during trainings
  • Calculate the amount to be given according to the attendance

Gather useful business intelligent data from the collected data

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