Virtualization Proof of Concept Completion at Global Bank

Virtualization technology to virtualize Cent OS, Red Hat and other non-Microsoft servers on a Windows Server 2008 R2 and BrainWorks provided this proof of concept to ensure that the bank was satisfied with the possibilities of what Hyper-V was able to deliver.A�Virtualization technology plays an increasingly critical role at all levels of IT, from the desktop to the datacenter. As more organizations are using virtualization to manage mission-critical workloads, they are taking advantage of the cost-saving benefits of server consolidation.A�

Customers may want to extend virtualization to support core functions, such as business continuity, disaster recovery, testing and development, and remote office management. To help customers adopt virtualization easily, Microsoft has developed a next-generation server virtualization solution as a feature of MicrosoftA� Windows ServerA� 2008. HyperVTM is a virtualization platform that provides reliable and scalable platform capabilities along with a single set of integrated management tools to manage both physical and virtual resources. A�Brainwork was able to demonstrate these capabilities of Microsoft virtualization at their own premises with their existing servers as a part of Proof of Concept (POC). More than ten physically existing servers were virtualized which were running in the cross platform environment.


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