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Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal (MIC Nepal) is a tech center that is being hosted by Unlimited Technology Pvt.A� Ltd which offers a comprehensive set of programs and servicesto foster innovation and grow sustainable local A�software economy. It is afacility for local software economy engagement, development and outreach, in partnership with and serving local industry, government and academic constituencies. Located in Kathmandu, Nepal, MIC creates an environment to give software developers, IT professionals, university students and faculty, entrepreneurs and governments access to world-class resources. The accelerator is part of a global network of 110 worldwide MICs which serve 48 nations. Country Director of the organization is Allen Bailochan Tuladhar, Microsoft Regional Director, a veteran of more than 20 years in the IT industry.A�A�MIC content and services: While each Center tunes its programs to meet local needs, they all provide similar content and services designed to accelerate technology advances and stimulate local software economies through skills building, local innovation and solutions building, and business acceleration though industry partnerships

Brain Works Learning Solutions P Ltd is Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with its competency as a Gold Certified Partner Learning Solution. This institution is also the sister organization of Unlimited Technology Pvt Ltd, established in 1992.

BrainWorks is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner based in Kathmandu. The Company has become a recognized quality provider in Business IT Solutions for mid-market companies.

Its expertise in business software, custom software, business intelligence, document management/collaboration, mobile and infrastructure solutions, makes BrainWorks extremely qualified to provide customer the tools and skills necessary to keep business competitive.

Organizationa��s commitment is to provide products and services to customers at the highest level of quality. It is the mission of the organization to deliver a complete software enterprise business system that will give customera��s business the tools for successful growth.

BrainWorks uses Microsoft technology as technology foundation to automate and enhance various business processes for customers across a wide range of company sizes, industries and geographical locations.A� BrainWorks prides itself in meeting their commitments to their clients, maintaining a high standard of excellence and providing the very best customer service.

Ellaine Memorial Foundation (EMFound) is a sister organization of Unlimited Technology Pvt. Ltd which is registered as a�?Notfor-Profita�� company under the Company Act 2006, Section 5 a��Sub-Section (1) and a registered member of Social Welfare Council of Nepal. EMFound is providing seed funding in partnership with Unlimited Technology and Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal to provide seed funding for startups using technology.A� EMFound provides digital opportunities to youths to ensure that they have access to technology, digital literacy skills, innovation solutions development and finally careers and entrepreneurship. The primary focus of EMFound is impact fund, youth empowerment and technology innovation. At the same time, EMFound is running an Ellaine Memorial Foundation Scholarship to encourage women to excel in computing and technology and become active role models and leaders in the field.

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