Microsoft Dynamics CRM Implementation (POC) at Nepal Investment Bank Limited

BrainWorks (BW), sister organization of Unlimited Technology Pvt Ltd, Kathmandu together withA�PricewaterCoopers (PwC), India worked on a proofof-concept project A�for Nepal Investment Bank Limited (NIBL) in Kathmandu to showcase them the features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a perfect fit for its growing business requirements. The solution was deployed for five major areas like deposits, Credit Card, Corporate loans, Remittance and ebanking customer feedback. Microsoft Dynamics CRM helped in bringing in automation in NIBLa��s customer relationship management processes.A�

This technology solution resulted in improved quality of customer interaction, increased staff productivity, and also enabled NIBL to show a single face of the bank to its customer irrespective of the channels and service lines through which the customer approaches the bank.A�The Proof of Concept Benchmark Service was provided to NIBL to ensure that the following purpose was met. Showcase the Microsoft Dynamics CRM concept in a live site at the customer integrating with the existing mission critical applications.A�Ensure that the Total Costs of Operation with Microsoft Dynamics CRM is more cost effective than our competition Oracle, Seibel.A�Showcase this Proof of Concept Project to the rest of the financial sector to ensure that the deployment of the financial sector CRM increases in Nepal, since none of the financial sector is currently using CRM solutions.

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