Eastern Regional Eye Care Program

eastern regional

The organizational background

The Eastern Regional Eye Care Programme (EREC-P) is a high-volume eye care service
provider in the eastern region of Nepal. EREC-P was developed in cooperation with Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh (NNJS), the Social Welfare Council of Nepal and CBM, a German INGO.
EREC-P comprises of:
a�? Sagarmatha Choudhary Eye Hospital (SCEH) in Lahan,
a�? Biratnagar Eye Hospital (BEH) in Biratnagar.
a�? And 8 Primary Eye Care Centers.
The Central Office of the Eastern Regional Eye Care Programme (EREC-P) is at Biratnagar, in South-East Nepal.

Business Need

Unlimited have fulfilled EREC-P needs with a strong technology back-bone to take healthcare services to a new level. Following key requirements are highlighted:
a�? Integrated system to cater to EMR and Administration.
a�? Faster registration and inventory responses to the users.
a�? Complete information management for Patients.
a�? Better information for research and developments.
Value Delivered
a�? Software has been fully delivered and currently functional
a�? Complete EMR built according to the requirements
a�? Barcode Integration to track and identify patient, Responsive and touch friendly design to empower nurses and doctors with tablet.
a�? Biomedical Device integration with NAV to be developed and delivered in second version.

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